Too Scared to Die

When I started living for Christ, and I mean really living for Him, I wasn’t living that “life” full of death and despair anymore. I wasn't letting the old things define me anymore. But this new life meant choosing to die on that cross every single day. It meant constantly choosing true life, full life, over broken, suffocating, oppressed life. Live over death. Every single day.


We Are Watercolors

God wanted to create something beautiful. So He created each and everyone of us to fit perfectly into His work of art. The most beautiful being in the entire universe created YOU to add color to His world. He wants your color to shine and show the power and grace of the Water of Life!

What blog?

I met a woman the other day at a local concert. After discovering my name, she told me that she had read some of my writing and that she loved it. My face twisted with a strange combination of confusion, embarrassment, and joy. What deep dark corner of the internet had this woman stumbled upon to discover my writing?